Article published on Sunday, July 18th, 2010
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Azuga is based upon legends from the first Chinese Emperor Qin Shihung and contains historical twists. Although Emperor Qin was responsible for unifying the central plains of China during its warring states period, legend holds that his ambition was not sated. Not only did he continue conquering lands, but he also sought out the most mystical of weapons and armor.

Like the alchemists in the west, in Asia those who wished to delve into the supernatural also plumbed the secrets of the universe by focusing on the ancient forces of nature. Sorcerers, shaman, and practitioners of mystical rights heard the call of their emperor’s desires for power and held ritual callings to imbue items with the basic forces of nature. The elements of earth, ice, fire, and air themselves were summoned and bound. Even as Qin’s ambitions came to fruition the seeds for chaos and disaster were being sowed.

Giant elemental forces were held and bound possessing near indestructible power. Although they rejoiced in their release and yielded power to bolstering the arms of Emperor Qin’s army, their power could not be fully tamed. Gradually it seeped into the world distorting the surrounding areas. Long hidden forces began infiltrating the world and bringing with it unearthly menaces and malevolent beings.

Using martial arts and the mystical weapons forged to fight human battles, the people fought back the rising tide flooding out of strange rifts in the world. Endless battles between otherworldly forces ensued. The once great elemental spirits themselves were vanquished and sundered, but not before their essence was sealed into great items with devastating power.

With their loss, the hopes of mending the rifts in the world became impossible. With the passing of time, almost all knowledge of the epic items of the past have been lost. Fate has begun to unravel and an evil presence has been allowed to slowly weave its dark plot into the world. Forge your fate in the legendary world of Azuga.