Article published on Tuesday, July 6th, 2010
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PIRATE GALAXY is the a next-generation browser game where you become a space pirate, live epic adventures, and explore a fantastic 3D universe.

In PIRATE GALAXY, you take the role of a daring space pirate as you explore distant planets for treasure, ambush alien transports, and pay frequent visits to your local starbase to upgrade your ship and replenish your supply of Centaurian rum.

Planets are where the combat action takes place. Fly your ship over the surfaces and between the canyons as you carry our missions and raids. Beware of Mantis attack ships and rival space pirates.

The Orbit is a safe zone high over the surface of the planet. Here you can socialize with other players and team up with them to do missions together. Fighting together makes it easier to overthrow the monstrous boss enemies.

The Starbase is where you go to repair and customize your starship, buy upgrades, or purchase entirely new ships. You can own a whole fleet of ships and switch between them.

The Starmap allows you to navigate between planets and star systems, and explore new regions of the galaxy using probes.

Join the Conquest and capture entire planets for your clan.