Article published on Friday, June 11th, 2010
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A brand new transformation skill available to all players, this powerful ability should be used in only the most dire of circumstances.
Awakening of Light will shroud you in a glowing sheen, increases your movement speed, and reveals hidden objects! While using the Awakening skill, you will gain access to two more powerful abilities, Spear of Light, and Fury of Light! Spear of Light sends a devastating javelin at a target area, decimating all who dare to stand in its way. Fury of Light is a toggle-able ability that will launch beams of powerful energy at your enemys current location. If they are foolish enough to hold their ground, the last thing they will see... is the LIGHT!

Blaze is a powerful charged ability that requires the use of a wand. If you want to increase the power of your Blaze attacks, use a combat wand. The power of the Blaze ability depends on when you release the
skill.The earlieryou release the charged energy, the less damage it will do... but if you manage to blast your opponent at the right time, the potential for damage increases dramatically!

Wine Play
Looking for glory and recognition outside of battle? Well, look no further than Wine Play!
The concept ofWine Play is quite simple, though difficult to pull off properly It is your
taskto create the best wine in the Aliech kingdom. If you succeed, your wine run will be
sold among the stores ofErinn, with your name prominently displayed on the label! If
you manage to keep the acidity of your wine low and the purity, freshness, and age high,
chances are your green thumb will earn you a place amongst the best wineries ofErinn!

A game of gentlemanly combat, jousting pits two riders against each other in a game of
wits, strength, and skill! Simlarto normal combat in Mabinogi, your attacks will vary in
the amount of damage and depends entirely on the attackyour opponent chooses to
use. As you participate against each rider, you will continue to accrue points which can
be used to buy special items. If you are among the best of the best, you will be invited to
participate in the jousting finals!

Tara Fashion Contest
TheTara Fashion Contest gives you the unique ability to show off your speed and reac-
tion skills. Perform the right poses down the runway. Wear your most stylish outfit. If you
pull ahead of the pack, there is a chance that you will receive a statue of your likeness near
the fashion court and other cities in the Aliech kingdom! You will also be in the running for
items and even titles! Even spectators are rewarded for participation!

Arabian Nights Character Cards
From June 9th to June 29th, head to the premium shop and pick up an Arabian Night
Character Card! Using these cards for character creation or rebirth will dress you in a
pair of comfortable pants and vest set if you happen to be a male, or a alluring silky
garment if you are female. Each has his or her own special headwear- a fez for men, or
a veil for women. All character will receive a pair of Persian-inspired shoes to go along
with their outfits!

Royal Magic Carpet Released!
You cannot have an Arabian Night without a Magic Carpet to fly about the skies! Unroll
these carpets and take to the skies, for they are only available for a limited time-June
9th to June 29th!