Article published on Thursday, June 10th, 2010
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Avalon Heroes is a free-to-play Online RTS RPG (real-time strategy role-playing game) with two factions, up to 100 unique Heroes and an epic legend.

In the DotA-inspired Battle Mode, Heroes encounter each other and raise the battle standard for Oriens or Aeonia. In breathtaking matches and exciting battles, they can even qualify for eSports tournaments powered by the ESL.

The Adventure Mode offers raids against incredibly strong boss monsters and valuable treasures.

In the Scenario Mode single player campaigns, players can experience the legend of Avalon Heroes at first hand and obtain new Heroes for their own Kin.

Regular weekly maintenance: Every Wednesday at 8am CET, all servers are taken offline for a short time due to a weekly maintenance. During these downtimes, new patches and updates can, but dont have to be added. If not mentioned otherwise in the news, your client will automatically download and install new patches. Please take a look at the news to find out more about recent changes. Also, the news will keep you informed about extra maintenances aside the regular weekly one.