Article published on Wednesday, June 9th, 2010
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Soul Master, developed by Npluto development studio ARTS, is a MMORTS featuring diversified strategy and fast-paced action. Soul Master offers a different sense of action with non-targeting battle combined with action-based character combos and skills.

Nobody knows for certain how it was first discovered, but its immense power and endless potential were enough to destroy the greatest empire of the Bunden continent: Elamond. The Magic was a gift and a curse for the Empire that first experienced its effects. With its populace split between fear of the unknown and a hunger for power, the Great War that soon followed was swift and terrible. The conservative citizens that distrusted the corrupting influence of Magic were forced from their homes in an exodus across the continent, and eventually found refuge to the north. The revolutionists that had embraced the darker nature of Magic and brutally toppled the Elamond government entered into an age of obsessive, uninterrupted mystic study.

Decades passed, and the exiled conservatives struggled to establish a culture with powerful technologies of their own. After uniting the various factions among themselves over the intervening years, a new nation was born out of the distrust of Magic that had been passed down over generations. The "Valiant" Empire that emerged was soon well known for their advanced steam punk technologies and mastery over machines. The revolutionaries of the former Elamond Empire had since created their own nation state, one self-indulgently known as the "Holy" Empire. By combining the primeval forces of light, darkness, ocean, and sky they had perfected the use of Magic to both an art form and a terrifying weapon. The Holy Empire soon became the most unstoppable force on the continent, with the Valiant Empire keeping an ever wary eye from the north.