Article published on Friday, June 4th, 2010
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A long time ago there were mysterious wish giving marbles, the Dragonballs. There was also a child, Goku, that sought after the Dragonballs.

Through Goku‘s many adventures the confrontations he faced grew, but with the help of the Dragonballs the earth was saved from crisis.

200 Years since age 777, when justice was brought to Majin Buu, the earth has enjoyed peace and change.

Goku and his allies have left and on the earth, along with the humans, the children of Majin Buu, known for their mystical powers, have began to spread. Namekian adults, who‘ve lost their homeland, have migrated to Earth.

Now, in age 1000, it is a peaceful era of well-being.

Suddenly, pale-faced invaders threaten the future of Earth. They come in a time machine from the unknown and endanger the Earth‘s past. These men are beginning to take away the lives of people.

With the universe threatened the time patrollers have given chase through the cracks in time.

An accidental time portal has opened. Children have entered into it and passed through it‘s twisted construction where there is no return.