Article published on Thursday, June 3rd, 2010
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Darkrane Forest: Treachery in Paradise

The first of the two new map regions unveiled in Ashes of Betrayal is Darkrane Forest, the sublime but troubled backdrop to a series of all-new Aika adventures. Featuring exotic new monsters and almost 100 new quests in an action-packed plot, Darkrane Forest will inspire the many fans of Aikas immersive storyline to fight once more against the treacherous forces that threaten the land of Lakia.

Darkrane Forest is the ancient home of a noble race of beings called the Kynari. Half-bird, half-man, the Kynari had long lived in peace with humanity under the rule of successive High Castors, their spiritual and political leaders. The tranquility was shattered when a young usurper, the ruthless Kynari Darkrane, manipulated the Lakian Army into declaring war on his own race and killing the wise High Castor Isaiah. Darkrane and his followers then seized power and began taking over the forest for unknown ends. As the skilled military officers known as Aitan, players will be thrown into the center of this civil unrest - their skills will be imperative to fighting the demons and mercenaries in Darkranes underhanded alliances. It will take courage, cunning, and diplomacy to earn the trust of High Castor Isaiahs son Hakks and aid him in his struggle to expose Darkranes deceit. As players uncover Darkranes sinister plans and the greater forces that are fueling his ascension, all clues will point to a final showdown in a fantastical new instance dungeon which will be released later this year.

Aika has already been acclaimed by players and press alike for its superb PvE content, including beautiful graphics, compelling and entertaining quest localization, and satisfying gameplay. The epic challenges and lush scenery of Darkrane Forest will raise this standard to a new level. Players, steel yourselves, because Darkrane Forest will take you and your fairy familiar Pran into enterprises beyond imagination.

The Conqueror and Templar Class Evolutions

For Aika, adding an expansion doesnt just mean new areas and quests. In Ashes of Betrayal, players will be able to PvP and PvE like never before with all-new class evolutions starting at level 51. Reaching the next tier will allow players to unlock powerful attacks, equip higher-level weaponry and armor, and customize their characters stats with additional points for every level gained. The stat point system combined with Aikas flexible skill attack trees will let players create a nearly endless variety of unique character builds. Heres a sneak preview of the level 56 equipment for the Conqueror and Templar - the tier two forms of the Warrior and Paladin, the two Fighter archetype classes of Aika Online.