Article published on Thursday, May 27th, 2010
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Anrufen Online is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game with magic background stories, which is also the first mobile online game for Symbian platform & devices worldwide.

Elegant graphics, leveraged system, rich props, and superior interactivity between players are presented in the game. Player can take the classes of Knights, Wizards, etc., to fight against the brutal monsters for the peace of the empire.

Do you want to get into the adventure? It is very simple, just pick up your phone, and you can confront the violent Monsters with friends, find lost treasure, save the suffering people, kill the nation’s enemies and will become a loved hero or a deterrent overlord.

Features of the Game

Gorgeous Graphics: Graphics with 3D effects, exhibits perfectly the imaginary world, bring brilliant experience like that in PC online games.

Fascinating Music: Realistic sound effects of fighting, pleasing background music, as if you’re standing in the Magic world of the game.

Instant PvP: Fully real-time fighting, will enable authentic thrilling of the combats.

Abundant Maps: Tens of beautiful maps, Dozens of monsters of different spicies.

Familiar: Familiars can help its master to fight, they have different characters, lots of fun will be found while trying to bring them up.

Chat System: Unique interface for Chat in Symbian system, it’s easy, and immediate to contact with others.