Article published on Thursday, May 27th, 2010
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Last Chaos is one of the world's largest free to play MMORPGs. With
over 1 million registered users, Last Chaos boasts a robust population
and a dedicated fan base. Explore the land of Iris as well as the newly
released Ascadia continent and discover the secret of the Night Shadow!

Long before war ravaged the lands of Iris, Eres, the God of Darkness joined with Apollon, the God of Light, to create the world of mortals.

Upon finding the world completed, Eres and Apollon returned to their own realms to rest; Eres to the Realm of Darkness, and Apollon to the Realm of Light. Occasionally the Gods would bless the Irisians with their presence, and bring along with them, their gifts.

Eres grew jealous of the people's love for Apollon. He began hating Apollon and the world they had created. For ages he schemed while building a secret army deep within the depths of his world.

Eres created a dreadful race of enormous size, ferocity, and brute
strength known as the Titans. Infuriated by Eres’s treachery, Apollon
imbued an army of humans, giving them great skill in weaponry, speed,
and tactics. These elite warriors became known as the Knights of Apollon
and were garrisoned in the city of Randol. The Knights were, and
continue to be, a powerful symbol of Apollon’s love for the world and
its people.