Article published on Thursday, May 27th, 2010
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Devil's Child and Rainy Day Costumes Arrive in the Luna Online Item Shop

Two new costumes are now available in the Luna Online Item Shop.

The Devil's Child and Rainy Day costumes are the latest additions to Luna's ever-expanding wardrobe, providing the Luna community with even more unique character customization options. Each new costume also features superior stats and set bonuses, giving you the extra edge you need to kick some monster butt in battle and look great doing it.

The Devil's Child costume gives those who wear it a chance to walk on the wild side. Emphasizing attack speed and damage output, and featuring the dark devil wings and a demon's tail, the Devil's Child costume is perfect for any Luna players looking to embrace their inner demon and bring the pain!

But who says you can't be cute and still be deadly? The Rainy Day costume may look harmless, but this adorable alternative to the Devil's Child costume still packs a punch, boosting base stats, defensive power, and damage output. And like any good rain coat, this cute costume will keep you dry when the spring weather gives way to sudden showers.

Luna Online releases new costumes once per month, allowing the Luna community to collect the latest fashions and further customize their character's appearance and stats. These exciting new costumes will only be available in the Luna Item Shop until Monday, May 24th.