Article published on Saturday, May 1st, 2010
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The Zeplar Drive changed everything. The discovery of the Divine
Matter made it possible. When Dr. Burke placed a tiny amount of the
shimmering liquid into a small engine, his starship was able to travel
to the ends of the galaxy. We hoped the new technology would bring a
new era of peace and trade between the planets. We were wrong.

Too late, we learned that the Divine Matter was altering us all,
changing our very existence. At first, the changes were small. People
on different planets started to transform. A few at the beginning, then
more and more. Some received new-found abilities and powers. Some
started to become something different and darker, losing their humanity
along the way.

We had still hoped that those who retained their humanity could
band together, and usher in a new era of peace. But all it seemed to do
was hasten humanitys capability for war and greed. The outer planets,
banded by the leadership of a group calling itself Dark Moon, wanted to
control the Divine Matter, and ultimately the galaxy. Their Starships,
outfitted with the Zeplar Drive, could reach the inner planets quickly,
bringing horrific creatures, mutants, and destruction. The inner
planets fought back as best they could, but they were outmatched and
outnumbered. The fighting was swift and fierce. Now, only a handful of
inner planets still stand, and the ranks of Dark Moon have swelled to
unimaginable numbers.

Dr. Burke saw what was happening, and hid the Divine Matter deep
within our planet’s core. He formed a faction of fighters with special
abilities to protect the Divine Matter, and called us Polaris. He told
us that with our special abilities, we were Gifted. He called us his
Divine Souls.