Article published on Saturday, May 1st, 2010
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It is said that during days in a time long past,
peace was more than an empty word. A great King, mighty and fair, ruled
the land of Xen with responsibility entrusted to him by the gods before
they left the mortal plane. With this trust came the Solstice Sphere, an
ancient and mysterious artifact possessing great power. In time the
king married and the union yielded twin daughters, Adeline and Marian.
They were like the sun and the moon, opposites but forever entwined with
the future of Xen.

Time passed and the princesses grew, reaching
womanhood before the eyes of their people. Adeline became a shining
beauty, like the sun with a heart of gold. The people of Xen adored her.
Always at her fathers side, she watched and learned as the King went
about his duties. With a thirst for knowledge, she learned from the
greatest teachers in the land. It was her destiny to one day inherit the
throne and become the kingdoms future.

While Adeline became like the sun, Marian grew
to become the moon. In the shadow of her sister she became envious, and
the darkness of jealousy soaked her heart. While admirers heaped
endless praise on Adeline, seeds of bitterness and resentment began to
grow in Marian. Hidden under the sheen of superficial happiness, they
waited for the perfect moment to bloom.

Years passed, and the princesses approached the
age of 18. On their birthday Adeline received a special gift from her
parents—the Solstice Sphere! On that day the mysterious ancient relic
passed from father to daughter. But it was far from a glorious occasion.
A series of horrific events would soon take place and ultimately drench
the land of Xen in the suffering it knows today.