Article published on Sunday, May 2nd, 2010
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At the dawn of time, the divine goddess of light, Crosis, and the
mystic goddess of darkness, Croni, created this world. Elements of wind,
fire, water and earth churned and resonated in the chaotic undercurrent
of the abyss.

Slowly land masses began taking shape. The sky and ocean revealed
their outlines. Stars emerged from the opaque darkness. Glorious dragons
began traversing the new continents, while the contemptuous Gaea Giants
looked upon all life with disdain.

The prelude to the Great War spanned a hundred centuries.

In a time long forgotten, mankind's influence was apparent in every
corner of the world, while the ambrosial elves confined themselves to
their secluded home. In the hands of these two races, science and magic
flourished to their peaks.

Sadly, along with prosperity came the conflict of cultures and
interests. The Great War raged for 300 years. Heroes were made and then
destroyed. Countless legends would gain immortality, frozen in the pages
of history, but their shadows were buried in the ruins of time.