Article published on Saturday, May 1st, 2010
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An aeon ago, Elga's betrayal of the Dragon Lord Vyvern plunged the race of Dragons into conflict, and divided them into two warring factions.

Seeking mysterious artifacts of power believed to be hidden in the realm of Dragonica, Elga mounted a bloody invasion 1000 years ago, but was finally defeated at great cost and entombed in a hidden fortress, presumably for all time.

But Man might yet be the engineer of his own downfall.

Powerful and hungry to be raised above all mankind, a beautiful enchantress named Paris has freed the Dark Lord from his imprisonment. Now, a sinister force is spreading through the lands once more, corrupting its adorable creatures and turning them against the inhabitants of the realm.
As a young hero whose peaceful world is rapidly deteriorating due to the evil influences sweeping across the continents, your task is to grow into one of the foremost warriors in the land and to stand with the Dragonians in the fight against the forces threatening to devour the world.

Pick one of 4 paths, as a Warrior, Magician, Archer or Thief, and find your own destiny!