Article published on Sunday, May 2nd, 2010
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Her thin and long fingers slide smoothly across a six-string harp, Closing her eyes slowly, she sways to the melody, with the moon harp in her arms.
A world is created by an ancient Supreme God at the end of a brightly shining tunnel. A calm world governed by six gods who were created by this Supreme God.

The peaceful melody turns wild. After the passing of the Supreme God, the six gods fought with each other and destroyed everything. The tears of sadness wets her moon harp.
This melody reflects the war between Kohtei of the earth, and Chihyu of the wind. She thumps out a tune of a bitter quarrel. The string snaps, the melody stops.
The shining white tunnel fades away, she opens her eyes. She plays a tune with the five remaining strings filled with a void. She watches a world filled with emptiness.

The first string is for the fiery Bird Clan. The sound of harps and singing all day long. The innocence in this sound cannot tell the tale of the real world.
The second is for the Dragon Clan of the water, looking for a blessing and radiating heaven's will. Calm and dignified, the sacred sound.
The third string goes out to the golden Tiger Clan. A strong and powerful sound, like the catching of prey during a hunt.
The fourth is for the Monkey clan of the earth. A radiant sound, free from prejudice and help for each other.
The fifth is for the Dog Clan of wood. A staccato sound, like a movement beating up and down.
The final damaged one, is for the Taurus Clan; the wind of the lost world.

The loss of the moon harp's string pierces through her heart. The beautiful melodies of old will never be heard again, like the wind that disappears from the world. She flies off to the sky with wings spread and wind blowing by her ears. She hears the angry roars from each clan, the music riddled with an empty void. Birds, Dragons, Tigers, Monkeys, Dogs, Taurus... The Six Clans' war has already begun. The aim of war is the same for everyone - to unify all beasts and be supreme ruler over all the clans.

A king of war, victory, feasting, wealth, wisdom, or supremacy, whichever it may be, the new ruler will lead the people to a peaceful world, like those in the days of old. Will this dream come true? When will we see better days?