Article published on Saturday, May 1st, 2010
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The Next Generation of Gaming. A perfect combination of RPG SLG Elements, Player controlled combat and Brilliant spell effects!

It happened not so long ago. a raging flood came from out of nowhere and devastated the world as we know it submerging buildings and sweeping people away in its swirling chaos. Prince Coss scrambled to gather all of the survivors together and flee with them to the safety of the Mu Continent. A place hidden deep in the depths of the ocean purported to be peaceful and richly endowed. The people of Clude welcomed Price Coss and his people with open arms and generously offered them a piece of their abundant land. Unfortunately the peace there wasn’t destined to last for long; the Silver Dragon Costa soon approached with it’s thousands strong army and invaded the plain. They were driven by their greed and hatred for all that is good…
The war was fierce and bloody; with many a good man losing his life.

Prince Coss and his loyal supporters finally overcame Costa and defeated him. But not before Costa was able to put a deadly curse on Coss’s sword, (Silver Dragon Wings). With no other choice available to him Coss had to destroy his faithful weapon. The craftsman, Bathory was chosen to do the deed but the temptation proved to be too much for him, instead of smashing it he refined the mighty blade into a small crystal and stole it away into the night. The plain that was occupied by Coss and his followers became know as God’s Favor. On its vast and spacious plains they set up the country of Flange and Coss was crowned the King. But the peace on the Mu Continent was not to last. The Beard tribe made plans to split the land of Clude into two separate kingdoms – Shaba; which advocates power and discipline and Alec; which lives under the rule of magic and peace. But the Beard didn’t stop there they also summoned legions of deadly blood sucking leeches to help them invade.But worse than that, they managed to get their hands on the Silver Dragon Wings. With the weapon and the leeches on their side they launched a sudden and violent attack on Alec and declared unholy war on Shaba. But even in these trying times a small glimmer of hope shines… The humans, their robots and Shaba’s giants have all joined forces to get rid of the accursed Beards. Even the peace lovers from Alec are ready to take arms and join the fight. This war has been casting its terrible shadow over the gentle people of Mu. Trouble is brewing and you, little suzerain, must prepare yourself for what is to come…