Article published on Saturday, May 1st, 2010
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Risk Your Life is one of the few MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) that bring you an online Virtual Reality atmosphere that is both completely interactive and immersive.

RYL is a well-balanced MMORPG developed under a 3D environment that allows players to create their own character, define its role, do battle with it, and much more in a virtual world. No longer do players have to face monotonous individual games but they can now interact with hundreds or thousands of other players from all over the world and undertake the adventure of a lifetime together.

Presented in a full 3D world, RYL allows players to create their unique characters, define their roles, engage in battles and hand-to-hand combat via this internet adventure and watch their character grow. No longer do players have to face onotonous individual games but they can now interact with hundreds or thousands of other players from all over the world and undertake the adventure of a lifetime together.

RYL connects players around the world together to venture into quests, players can wage wars between camps, develop their own territory/camps, gather their own parties to engage in friendly relationships with the community. Experience the new generation of online interactive gameplay in a fabulous fantasy world.

There was once an empire with vast armies and a history of a hundred years of continuous war and bloodshed. This empire currently owns 1/3 of the western territories ,while the other four countries were united to forge a battle line. These four countries still have conflicts among themselves. Ten years have passed without any war amongst these countries. With inadequate land to expand into, the forces of the empire start to look for a new continent on the western territories. The emperor assigns his remaining armies led by his second son to the new continent to expand his empire. After two successful expeditions to the new continent, the emperor decides to enlist and encourage his subjects to colonize this new continent.

The Year 487 BC, the second prince becomes the ruler of the new settlement principality, representing the empire and imperial family on the new continent. After 4 years, the occupants of the old empire begin to migrate to the new continent, first arriving on the southwestern edge of the continent and starting development of the new territory. They establish the base for the remaining immigrants from the old empire. However, due to shortage of natural resources and manpower, they sought these resources from the mainland for the second time. Development was slow because of constant invasions and harassment by beasts.

The year 491 BC, the emperor suddenly passes away, leaving his first sons to inherit his power since he didn't have a will. The emperor's first son suspected a coup by his brother the emperor's second son and thus stopped the fourth group of immigrants to the new colony. In the meantime, the second prince waited for his power and influence in the new colonizes to grow and organize an army under his command but the army was too slow in coming. He requested an emergency strike force from these colonies to assist him. Unfortunately his newly conquered colonies were attacked by enemies which resulted in massive damage to buildings and a weary army.