Article published on Saturday, May 1st, 2010
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Players travel between the Eastern Mainland and Western Territory through Dimension Router and another secret pathway in Silver Stream as to fight monsters for the sake of human race. Mo Siang Online is an MMORPG game which EYA Interactive Limited spent 4 years to develop with all efforts to visualize the Chinese martial arts world in the ancient time. Displaying 75 different maps, it is aimed to portray the beautiful landscape of China in the actual world, depicting famous destination such as Dun Huang, Lan Chow, Chang An, Kai Feng, Beijing, Soochow, Shaolin Temple, Qin Mausoleum, the Great Wall, the Huang River and so on, promising players breathtaking experience while playing games as if time traveling across timeframes. In addition, with all NPCs vividly set in the well known story background of prominent persons, players get to fruitfully practice the lifestyle as living in the fascinating old days when magic is still a possible skill for all human beings. To construct the entire game environment, the development team even visited all those places as to capture the true ambience of the place and hence presenting players such a magnificent game world!