Article published on Saturday, May 1st, 2010
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They called it The Corruption, those charged with the telling of the
story. When the two moons aligned, the exiled king, Rictus, bid his
magician open the gate and unleash the pestilence of the Pitborn and
their dark ruler Abaddon upon Haran, The Immortal Land. In his hubris,
Rictus thought he might control them, that he might herald his
conquering of Haran on the crest of a black wave of the accursed. But
there could be no alliance with Abaddon, the lord of the pit whose
blessing is pain, whose enchantment is the wage of sorrow. He bound
Rictus in the darkness of the abyss and every time a man fell to claw,
tooth or blade, every time a woman or child burned to black flesh,
choked to blue or starved to sallow skin, Rictus died their death and
lived to die again. This for all eternity, for such was the will of