Article published on Saturday, May 1st, 2010
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Monato Esprit is a magical world beyond our own, where the hopes and dreams of the innocent have created a paradise of imagination. Powered by the healing energy of the Basileus Crystal, the land is pure and beautiful. Each night, the Crystal draws on the radiance of moonlight to usher a select few dreamers into the world, where they receive wings and become Archons. For many years, the Archons maintained Monato Esprit, building marvelous cities and ruling the realm in peace. That is, until the nightmares began. A covetous and evil entity has descended upon the world, bent on warping the dreams of Monato Esprit into nightmares. Few recognized the danger until the evil had infected the Baslieus Crystal itself. As darkness descended on the once-bright Crystal, the peaceful world of Monato Esprit became tainted. Violent creatures sprang to life as Archons struggled to stand against the spread of corruption. The peaceful dreamworld maintained by the Archons descended into war and strife.

As more and more territory fell under the sway of Nightmares, the future
of Monato Esprit seemed lost. The Great Architect who first built the
Basileus Crystal, Demiurge, wept to see his creation poised on the brink
of destruction. In desperation, he shattered the Basileus Crystal into
Shards, hoping to isolate the pure regions of Monato Esprit and slow the
spread of evil. Demiurge bought the Archons time to rebuild, but small
Shards of Nightmares were still scattered across the dreamworld, But
Monato Esprit is not yet lost. With each passing day, new Archons arrive
to aide in the struggle against the nightmares. They journey across the
dreamworld, fighting evil wherever they find it and spreading the light
of the Crystal wherever they go. The fate of Monato Esprit rests on the
adventures of these brave young Archons.