Article published on Saturday, May 1st, 2010
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Elves and humans lived peacefully but separately on a large island
called Sephiroth. The elves called their nation Veros and the humans
called their nation Ladianes. But the evil of arrogance and power caused
the leaders of both nations to declare war and battle for control of
this island. Many brave and good elves and humans died in the resulting
Turf Battle. Finally an alliance between Veros and Ladianes was made and
once again the land was at peace. The stories of these brave warriors
were told by bards and storytellers by the light of campfires over the
passing stretch of years. Humans and elves who sat huddled around the
safety of these campfires often looked in fear at the surrounding woods
while listening to these stories, because the light casted by the
campfires and their own fueled imaginations sometimes made the shifting
shadows of the surrounding trees appear as if the long dead heroes and
villains of these stories had once again picked up their weapons to
continue their endless battles. Over time even these bards and story
tellers became a dim memory and the legends that they song and spoke
about became mere tales to tell children before they were sent off to
sleep. Sephiroth was peaceful and the lessons of the original Turf
Battle had been long forgotten. But the evil of arrogance and power soon
destroyed this tranquility.