Article published on Saturday, May 1st, 2010
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At the beginning of time, the god Zebus created the mysterious Dragoon Continent.A vast land of great mountains and deserts, and inhabited by with the 8 Great Clans. Among the Clans, the Dragon Clan was superior, possessing great wisdom and understanding, as well as the ability to ascend to the heavens and to swim in the sea. Most importantly, they possessed immense magical power. The greatest force in the Dragon Clan was the Dragon Lord, who controlled 8 legendary Rune Stones. It was said that whosoever controlled these 8 Rune Stones controlled the fate of the 8 Clans.

For centuries, the Dragon Clan was favored in the eyes of the Zebus, yet they did not rule unjustly over the other 7 clans. However, the Human Clan seemed weak and insignificant in a world where "survival of the fittest" held sway. All this changed with the birth of King Lutanius, a mighty Human who was also richly blessed by Zebus.

King Lutanius, the Wizard Handrake and 8 courageous warriors were eager to fight for the Human Clan's freedom and to overturn the Dragon Lord's dominance over the Clans in Dragoon. Thus began the great Battle of the Autumn Oracle, which ended when King Lutanius decimated the Dragon Lord's forces. However, King Lutanius was still not satisfied and pursued the fleeing Dragon Lord across the continent. Unfortunately, the period of Autumn Oracle ended before King Lutanius was able to kill the Dragon Lord.