Article published on Saturday, May 1st, 2010
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Based in the fantasy world of Nevareth, a land devastated by war and the natural forces, CABAL Online offers users the chance to enter a parallel world, full of adventure, opportunity and excitement.

With over 200 quests (tasks to complete), a range of dungeons (arenas to fight monsters), nation and clan wars and the usual array of foes; CABAL offers users a vast range of challenges for any aspiring adventurer.

With game mechanics which bring back the fast-paced element of console gaming, to the ability of low spec computers to enter the world, and of course the NO COSTS associated to play or download the game, never before has an online game been so accessible.

But CABAL Online is not just any ordinary ‘hack and slash’ game. With timed dungeons and quests and puzzles which test the best of gamers, CABAL offers fun and challenge at the same time. Add to this that the game is now Free to play in Europe and you get a game which is available to any player willing to take on the challenges of Nevareth.

So take a look at the screenshots and movies on the bottom of this page and join the exciting world that is CABAL Online.