Article published on Sunday, May 27th, 2012
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gPotato’s most popular free-to-play MMO will have a major update this coming summer! Starting in July, gPotato will launch Flyff Gold which will allow players to discover the classic game in a brand new look with an impressive interface and completely new systems. Loyal fans and newbs of Flyff will soon be able to uncover a richer and vibrant Flaris with enhanced graphics and awesome interface. With the new black-and-gold interface, players can modify their panel and line up to 6 actions in a spinning "revolver" slot for quicker, more tactical combat.

The Flyff Gold teaser page has recently been revealed with new screenshots and an announcement trailer. Many wishes from popular players have been implemented Flyff Gold such as achievements that can be used to obtain virtual goods from the item shop and a set-and-forget consignment marketplace for effortless trading. Flyff Gold will also have in-game social networking, weapon transformations, better PvP incentives and alot more features. To prepare for the launch of Flyff Gold, starting this week current players of Flyff can log in and get one item daily until June 20th. For a jump start, characters can obtain awards as they level from now until the launch of Flyff Gold in July.