Article published on Thursday, May 24th, 2012
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In Einherjar – The Viking’s Blood, a turn-based web game developed by KBMJ, tough warriors are a crucial part of a strong army. But that is not enough to conquer and rule over the Viking world. In order to reach the highest step to glory, players will need the decisive roles of heroes and braves. And KBMJ has just announced their latest event called “Hero & Brave Rivalry”.
Within 2 weeks from 23 May to 6 June (SGT or GMT+8), the strongest hero and brave will bring back to their Viking leader a special package of gifts as belows:
- Rewards for special units: Valhalla God Proof x1, Orichalcon Ore x20, Runic Steel x20, 300 Power
- Rewards for non-special units: Runic Proof x1, Mithril Ore x20, Dark Steel x20, 300 Power
List of accepted heroes and braves: Bridget, Reis, Romary, Galahad, Elise, Daysie, Priscilla, Phaye, Egil, Miriel, Feaglin, Caterina, Asteria, Latona, Sigmund, Britania, Volsung, Vali, Jin, Andy, Camilla, Willibald, Charlotte, Calvin, Gwyneth, Jean, Phyllis, Evangeline, Hercules, Moira, Marx, Alice, Helena, Natalie, Cristel
Please note that the most powerful hero or brave of their kind will be the one with highest total stats, which is the sum of Strength, Tech, Agility, Defense, Intelligence, and Luck.
For each champion of heroes or braves, players will get one gift package as mentioned above, i.e. if players have the strongest Priscilla and the strongest Egil, they will get 2 gift packages for special units.
And the rewards will be distributed after the weekly maintenance on Wednesday 6 June is completed.