Article published on Saturday, May 19th, 2012
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Greetings, Sword Girls fans! Welcome to another installment of Sword Girls, the anime-style online card game about swords, sorcery, and schoolgirls. Straight off the pages of your favorite comic books and into your favorite card game come four of the latest and exclusive Character cards!

These cards use their heroism to change the tide of battle. Each Character focuses on affecting a single Follower at the start of the turn. An additional change will be applied to a Follower if you are outnumbered by the enemy. Finally, a Follower will experience one last change if your Hand has at least as many cards as the enemy Hand.

Hero Sita

Your friendly neighborhood Sita focuses on buffing the Attack and Stamina of an allied Follower. With the possibility of three boosts to a single Follower card, the web-flinging student can net a powerful advantage on her Field.

Hero Cinia

The ironclad Cinia first blasts a random enemy, targeting their Defense and Stamina. She then has potential to target a Follower in the enemy Hand, first going for their Defense, and then their Stamina. This hero has weapons in her arsenal to soften the enemy up on and off the battlefield.

Hero Luthica

The mistress of talentium, Luthica, punches a hole in a random enemy Follower, lowering their Stamina. She is capable of inflicting further chaos on the enemy by assaulting another random enemy on the Field and one more in the Hand; this can significantly tip the scales before the fight starts.

Hero Iri

The cloaked champion, Iri relies on relentlessly disarming a single enemy Follower up to three times through striking their Attack and Stamina. For this reason, her allied Followers are capable of dealing with other enemy Followers or focusing on that crippled enemy Follower.

These high-powered heroines will be available in the game this Thursday, May 17th. Find out more information about the game on the official website at and join the Facebook community at