Article published on Wednesday, April 25th, 2012
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The guys over at SemiFormal Studios are hoping to raise $20,000 for their game title. SemiFormal Studios is an indie game developer working on a free to play browser-based sandbox MMORTS called Ensemble Online. Ensemble Online was started 3 years ago and as a small indie start up, they don’t have the capital right now to fund their growth. They have been taking on side jobs to keep their passion alive. If you enjoy exciting indie games like this one, please make a pledge so they can continue their project and launch the beta of Ensemble Online this summer at:

Ensemble is a Real-time Strategy much like the classics of the ’90s, e.g, Age of Empires, but on a breathtakingly vast map and in a persistent world. You play as a hero exploring an uncharted desert, battling nature (and other player settlers), uncovering and gathering various resources, and discovering new territory to build towns and outposts. You can build farms and mills to harvest food and defensive towers to protect your land, but one of the most interesting features is allying with other players to build together. In typical sandbox fashion, you are also free to explore the map and build wherever looks the most appealing; you aren’t given a plot of land and told to build there.