Article published on Monday, April 16th, 2012
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Views: 6178 and Aeria Games is teaming up to giveaway gift packs for their FPS game Wolf Team and anime MMORPG Eden Eternal!

Wolf Team Code Giveaway

Eden Eternal Code Giveaway

Wolf Team - Players must create an Aeria Games account and log in to Wolf Team to create a character before redemption. Enjoy a package that will get you started with Wolf Team. Equip yourselves with a Psycho Wolf and a Golden J-89! Strap on your DE-U01C Vest and lay the smack down!

Eden Eternal - Enjoy increased CP gains by +25% for 1 hour. This will help you level up your class faster, so you can use more skills to succeed!

1. Get a code or both codes from above. Make sure you copy it!

2. Go to one of the website links below to redeem it. Make sure you have an Aeria Games account and logged into your account.

Wolf Team - mp;utm_medium=freetoplayorg

Eden Eternal - mp;utm_medium=freetoplayorg