Article published on Wednesday, March 28th, 2012
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This huge expansion to the free-to-play turn-based strategy MMO Iron Grip: Marauders includes a ton of new art and content focused around the new Atelia Region.

· Beautiful new maps set in the snowy mountains of Atelia
· Atelian Nomad faction, including the huge mammoth-like Borthos
· New smuggling options allowing players to bribe their way out or fight battles automatically if they don’t want to fight a 3D defense battle
· Assault missions - quick ten minute automated battles for XP and resources
· Rules of Engagement sometimes provide limitations on army deployment, leading to more interesting battles
· Four carefully designed new Atelian PvP maps, and one more Anchorpoint PvP map added

This update has something for everyone, with the new Atelian maps to fight over against the AI or in PvP, more missions choice thanks to the automated assaults and enhanced smuggling options, the ability for players to reach level 22, and of course the Atelian Nomad units, who will appear as dangerous foes and for hire from the Black Market.