Article published on Tuesday, March 20th, 2012
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Join Jerry,’s founder, as he conducts an exclusive interview with the Community Manager for Spirit Tales. If you haven’t decided whether Spirit Tales is the right game for you, then you should check out this very informative interview that includes infographics and screenshots to make it visually appealing!

Jerry: I’m here with Elliot, Community Manager for Spirit Tales to talk more about their recent closed beta launch. Thank you for being here. To get things started, tell us a little about your role with Spirit Tales.
Elliott: Sure. I’m the Community Manager for KoramGame’s US office. Basically I’m in charge of communicating with all of our players and organizing events and contests for our upcoming F2P MMORPG, Spirit Tales.

Jerry: Tell us about what gamers can expect from Spirit Tales?
Elliott: Spirit Tales is a cute fantasy 3D MMORPG with a huge focus on the individual. There are six character classes to choose from, 40 million different character customization options, a vibrant world filled with amazing creatures, and a unique horizon view that instantly gives your eyes a treat. There’s also Spirit Form, a gameplay feature that will actually be available during closed beta that lets you transform into an ancient guardian to unlock special attacks and rare loot items. When players aren’t taking advantage of our extensive pet capturing and morphing system, they can test their skills by engaging in Player versus Player (PvP) Battles and Tournaments.

Jerry: What’s the difference between Spirit Tales and Glory Destiny Online (GDO)?
Elliott: With Spirit Tales, North American and European players will experience less lag and an overall more responsive gameplay due to improved latency. The UI on Spirit Tales is also more polished and refined for the NA audience. It’ll be more enjoyable and less exploitable. Although the core game remains the same, Spirit Tales and Glory Destiny will have two different update cycles. That means we can take Spirit Tales in a whole different direction depending on community and player feedback. We’ll also have a ton of really cool events exclusively for Spirit Tales users and our customer service will be top notch.

Jerry: How top notch?
Elliott: Our customer service manager is a veteran in this field. The entire CS department is in good hands. We’ll also be giving out the manager’s home address to anyone who wants to stop by in-person with any questions they may have.

Jerry: Really?
Elliott: Okay maybe not the last part, but our customer service department is very experienced and ready to resolve any and all problems.

Jerry: So Spirit Tales and Glory Destiny are both published by Koramgame, can you tell us why you decided to publish the same game with two different names?
Elliott: We decided that the two markets we will be servicing are too different to justify a shared service. We know gamers expect different things in different markets, and we want to be able to cater to them. There will be a lot of differences in the details, but the core gameplay will remain intact.

Jerry: So going back to the game itself, why should gamers play?
Elliott: There’s so many different things to do in Spirit Tales. It’s one of those games where players will never run out of fun things to do. Our most popular feature is the Instance Queue System, where players can automatically find parties without hoping for a random invite. Just choose a role, the dungeon, and you’re ready to go. Also, community and player feedback is a huge part of the game as well. By listening closely to what our users have to say, we can tailor specific game features and events to exactly what they want.

Jerry: Tell me more about Spirit Tales’ Item Mall.
Elliott: The item mall in Spirit Tales will be very similar to any other F2P game. That way, experienced gamers will not have to relearn a new system. We’ll feature a ton of cool items and a huge assortment of permanent duration Costume items that give varying stat bonuses to their character. One of my favorite costume pieces is the Woodpecker Helmet, which has a cute little woodpecker knocking on your head to make sure you aren’t Pinocchio. We’ll also have familiar consumables like buff potions, revive items, and EXP increases available as well.

Jerry: What kind of steps have you taken to ensure Spirit Tales is not another pay-to-win, F2P MMORPG.
Elliott: One of our big draws regarding the item mall is the fact that we make sure our economy is always in balance. We have a TON of gold sinks and economic controls in place which scales back inflation drastically. There are also many features in place that require in-game gold and have no cash alternatives. This means that if you want to participate, you’ll have to earn your way in, not buy it. We have a really extensive auction house system that lets players find the best price for items, rather than a stall system where players have to go from booth to booth to find a decent price. Our analysis of the auction house will be done on a regular basis to ensure that prices remain fair. We feel like we’ve really nailed the balance system in Spirit Tales.

Jerry: Thanks for your time Elliott, is there anything else you wanted to mention before you go?
Elliott: Make sure you "LIKE" us on Facebook ( for exclusive news, content, and giveaways! Stop by our official Forums ( for special forum only contests and check out what events we have planned for CBT by visiting our events schedule page (
Our launch is off at a great start and people seem to be really enjoying themselves. We’ve already had some players reach the level 40 cap and we count on many more to follow. We look forward to seeing all the new (and unique) characters that join our Spirit Tales community during Closed Beta!