Article published on Friday, March 16th, 2012
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A completely new F2P action MMORPG Eternal Blade will kick off on the gPotato Game Portal in North America in 2012! Eternal Blade offers swift-moving action into an interesting social world to produce a fascinating and radiant MMORPG having a dungeon crawler twist. Eternal Blade presents you with a lushly animated storybook world composed by Gala Lab, creators of the dearest vintage MMOs Fly for Fun and Rappelz. The vibrant anime style combines flawlessly with the high action gameplay that perceives players unleashing massive, powerful assaults to defeat daunting bosses or entire hordes of monsters with every single swing, shot, or spell.

All the six classes delivers unique strengths and strategies with the chance to increase in rank and include powers in line with the player’s custom enhancements. The game bursts with collectible items and energy that compensate successful heroes with essential resources to personalize their look, statistics, and also abilities. Eternal Blade features numerous upgrade paths and a one of a kind animal card system that enables players to build and incorporate skill-granting animal cards fabricated from the energy of defeated enemies. Extraordinary monsters and invigorating challenges await in the wonderful and diverse dungeons which make up the core of Eternal Blade. Participants will discover 35 dungeons and undertake more than 700 quests. The dungeons can be dealt with on your own or in a team, with flexible difficulty settings to ensure they are accessible for new players yet still baffling for the veterans.