Article published on Sunday, February 12th, 2012
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Love is in the air this month in the free-to-play anime MMORPG, Remnant Knights. Starting February 9, 2012 at 9PM Pacific, the land of Kasmari will be a little…sweeter.

This Valentine’s Day event is the biggest Remnant Knight events yet! Why is it so big? Well, let’s just say that our events team really likes chocolate and hearts. Oh, and we’re also using it as another chance to celebrate the recent increase of the game’s level cap (from 45 to 52).

Players will be able to participate in a daily challenge to earn sweethearts which can be redeemed for prizes, as well as earn sweethearts in a variety of different ways such as participating in GM events. Using these, they’ll be able to purchase unique Valentine’s gear. Items added to the world to celebrate include new two-person mounts (including the Love Machine bike!), a fun two-person cape, a single-person cape for those lone wolves, and for the first time ever, new items for players’ dorm rooms in the Samba Shop.

In addition, there will be multiple community and forum events, with chances for players to win. You can learn all about all of the events at our new GameSamba Event Portal, located at

The big event marks two straight patches of awesome for Remnant Knights. Last month’s content update raised the level cap, and introduced a new high level zone, Neo Kansas. Since its addition, players have enjoyed following a certain yellow colored road throughout the zone, while meeting lions lacking in bravery, and helping people such as random shopkeepers looking for their missing supplies, and some girl named Dorothy.

You can learn more about Remnant Knights, Neo Kansas, this Valentine’s Patch, and more by visiting the official Remnant Knights site at