Article published on Sunday, February 5th, 2012
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Atlus Online announces a new free to play web browser-based original fantasy strategy simulation game, in which two nations, the Empire and the Federation, war for territorial control. Gamers may play using a web browser from any location! Gather resources within their Sky Castle to build facilities, fund research and train troops. Strengthen and enhance your Sky Castle with a variety of useful buildings. Improve its research, housing, resource capacity, training and defense. Through battle, expand your influence, train your Heroes, and strengthen your army. The open beta of Knights of the Sky is scheduled for February 9th.

Knights of the Sky allows over 1,000 players to participate in a full-scale war. There are over 10 territories to fight for with over 100 locations to win and lose. Every player can operate their very own Sky Castle and position a skyship armada to wage their war. Players can organize a team from over 200 Heroes that each have their own individual characteristics. There are also 6 types and over 20 varieties of soldiers for a highly tactical battle system. You may build up to 14 different buildings for your Sky Castle as well as 5 Resource Facilities to help with production. Technology research is crucial and there are over 3000 different equipments to further strengthen your Heroes.