Article published on Saturday, February 4th, 2012
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Aiyou Network/GameDP and FreeToPlay are working together to give out starter kits for the Roll n Rock open beta that will start on February 8th! Roll n Rock is a cute multiplayer on-line casual browser game. It is based on the classic flash game - Boom It, but with different rules. Players will find brand-new gameplay in Roll n Rock. No download required and free-to-play. Players can log in and play the game directly with tons of online opponents.

Roll n Rock will launch OBT at EST 20:00 Feb. 8th, 2012

Code Giveaway

The validity duration of Ghostly House , Necklace of Wind, Ring of Earth, these 3 items is 30 days after you claim it, and please use them in time.

GameDP has released a new teaser for the upcoming open beta!

Event Duration: 08:00PM Feb. 8th – 00:00AM Feb. 28th of 2012 (EST TIME)

The Starter Kit Includes:
- VIP Card(1 Day) x 1
- Double Exp Card(1 Day) x 1
- Gold Treasure Chest x 1
- Ghostly House x 1
- Necklace of Wind x 1
- Ring of Earth x 1
- Coupon x 1500

Guide on how to Claim Starter Kit

1. Visit to register one account. (The existed Gamedp users could skip this step.) Click “PLAY NOW”.

2. After entering the game, please go to Main Scene. Click “Claim Gift Pack” on the left.

3. Type in Starter Kit Package card code.

4. “Confirm” it, and then click the Bag below to claim it.

5. You will find Starter Kit Package in your bag.

6. Click the package to redeem them. Succeed!