Article published on Monday, January 30th, 2012
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INVASION OF PIRATES has struck the popular free to play MMO, Conquer Online this month. Quickly, the 2 new servers were filled with eager players. With this thrilling launch, the CO team wants to have fun with the newest expansion in a marvelous style, with a compilation of online activities scheduled throughout January and February. However , that’s just a small chunk of the fantastic events and awards players can anticipate, as CO’s players are also being treated with a few pretty remarkable cosplay photos of our wonderful Pirate Ladies! Take a look at them below!

Often, words aren’t enough to convey a person’s passion for a certain game. In situations where your fan-cup overflows, we sometimes suggest participating in things that can showcase what you really like best, but how could you do that? Why not wear a costume that is similar to the characters from the game? If you like it, why don’t you become a part of it?

Although many of the exclusive events will be going for the entire duration of the festivity, the team has additionally organized a few other imaginative and satisfying offline activities! You should really look into the exciting “Jolly Roger Design” event for gamers to come and flaunt their artistic skills to the entire community! As much as $3500 USD cash incentive will be presented to the greatest designs! Just allow that pirate creativity to go wild!

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