Article published on Thursday, January 26th, 2012
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Mail.Ru Games, a worldwide online game publisher from Russia announces the open beta launch of its free-to-play tactical MMO RiotZone. RiotZone, a new browser-based MMO that was revealed earlier this month, is based on a war to liberate a small state in Latin America called Merania that is under military-dictator rule. As a mercenary commander, you may be part of 1 of 2 organizations that are resistant to the Dictator who currently rules the state.

Gamers will not just fight for 1 of the 2 factions - The Red Alliance or the Coalition of the Crown - but in addition prepare their soldiers, enhance weapons and broaden their base. These role-playing components grow to be well-respected in later gameplay. Just the greatest tactical thinkers will triumph in various missions and PvP battles. RiotZone features several PvP modes: 1on1, 2on2 and 3on3 are only the beginning. Raids on rival territory, conquest of resource-rich locations and massive battlefields call for the commander inside the gamer. Semi automatic battles enable powerful and impulsive brief fights in which gamers may bring in a number of additional firepower in form of different special skills.


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