Article published on Tuesday, January 17th, 2012
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Mechanist Games reveals their first free-to-play online role playing game based on the industrial age, City of Steam. City of Steam is an upcoming browser-based game that allows players to explore an industrial world of clockworks, steamworks, combustion and lighter than air phlogiston. There are no endless boring terrains, no travel time, and no featureless barrens. Massive networks of pipes, gears, bridges, tunnels and towering spires have been built on years of neglect and abandonment. It is up to the new age of hardy adventurers to aid the Triumvirs, the local governing body, to clean up the decaying corrupt, and infested regions of the city.

City of Steam boasts a strategic combat system that does not rely solely on reflexes. It also includes special effects and all types of buffs, debuffs, damage types, walls and auras. The game also includes PvP from one vs one to team vs team with many different arenas to fight in. Original monsters such as clockroaches, broodlings, orogs, spider midges and more will keep you curious. Furthermore, every monster possess their own special attacks and defenses that may overwhelm you.