Article published on Thursday, January 12th, 2012
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EA (Electronic Arts) is receiving impressive results from the free-to-play games on their Play4Free portal. EA has announced that they have successfully attracted over 25 million registered players to their F2P game titles. Battlefield Heroes and Need for Speed World have both reached 10 million registered players each this month. Furthermore, Battlefield: Play4Free, Lord of Ultima, Dragon Age: Legends and Battleforge have a total of 5 million registered players.

"Developing a community of 25 million players is a remarkable achievement," says EA’s Play4Free VP Sean Decker. "It is a testament to the explosive growth of the free-to-play market and a reflection of EA’s commitment to spearheading the digital transformation."

Part of EA’s success comes from regular content updates to their Play4Free games. EA has also announced an upcoming MMO strategy game Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances which is currently in closed beta and will be launched as a free-to-play title in the near future.

But EA is not the only big game company in this industry. The F2P market is becoming extremely competitive as smaller game companies who have been in the industry a few years ahead are now having to compete against big names like Valve, Sony, Ubisoft and THQ. On the bright side, there will be amazing opportunities for these companies to work together on developing and publishing new games as well as forming strong partnerships and acquisitions for the good of F2P gamers. In fact, many of the free-to-play games published on the Steam platform from Valve are game titles coming from third party developers/publishers. Even as competition is at an all time high, collaboration is also increasingly high. We have seen EA partner with Aeria Games and Bigpoint, Shanda Games partner with Square Enix, CCP partner with Nexon, Nexon partner with Perfect World and other exciting ties in the past. EA has also made a few bold decisions like the recent acquisition of free to play developer KlickNation which was renamed to BioWare Sacramento last year.