Article published on Sunday, January 8th, 2012
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Gamania Digital Entertainment launches Bright Shadow Online for all players on U.S. Beanfun! Bright Shadow is an anime inspired card collecting MMORPG in which gamers can decide on more than 20 classes to discover a rich world that is full of exhilarating dungeons and over 500 collectible monsters. Offering hours and hours of free-to-play entertainment, participants may use monster cards in combat, learn unique skills as well as transformations, or simply collect and trade with others.

Newbies and veterans are going to encounter a multitude of new content thanks to the Curse of Hera Expansion that recently released on January 5th. The update delivers 30 completely new areas and dungeons, 8 all new classes, more than 40 spanking new bosses, as well as over 400 brand new enemies and monster cards to acquire. U.S. Players will be supplied with a special Beginners Pack to help players catch up to the European Beanfun! players.