Article published on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012
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Mgame USA (Netgame) reveals its latest fantasy MMORPG called R.O.D.E. (Rise of Dragonian Era). R.O.D.E. Online is a MMORPG where players engage in huge PvP battles referred to as the Region War, in which Azurian and Firean battle one another for control. Players may choose from 4 different classes: Warrior, Rogue, Cleric and Mage. Warriors can equip one handed swords or two handed swords, Rogues can equip bows or daggers, Clerics can equip books or rods and Mages can equip wands or crystal balls. The first closed beta has recently ended and the next testing phase of R.O.D.E. will be available early this year.

R.O.D.E. Online features a dragon riding system where players can do aerial combat as they ride dragons into the sky. There are also castle seiges where gamers can defeat and seize castles in the Piral continent. A deablo system will create tension as monsters will randomly attack players castles. Also included in the game is a complex class system where players can choose from 2 different special characteristics for their character. A crafting system in-game will allow you to mine, extract, fish and gather materials to craft unique and beneficial items.