Article published on Wednesday, December 14th, 2011
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Game developers from South Korea Min-Communications who develop F2P MMORPG called Ran Online and provide direct Global Service of the game with the name “Ran world” will start their large scale update on 22nd December with a slogan “The frontier of Ran Online, Ran world”.

Ran online is a free to play MMORPG that was developed based on real life in modern school. This game is really popular in Southeast Asian countries such as Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and East Asian countries such as Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Min communications chooses ‘The Frontier of Ran Online’ as the new slogan of Ran world with a determination to become the leader of Ran Online service all over the world. As the global server that provided by the developer directly Ran world promises to provide the newest content, fastest level-up and easiest train method.

“The frontier of Ran Online, Ran world” will open their first chapter on 22nd December with the update of new class called “Scientist” and new Boss mob called “Sonya” who can transform into 4 forms. It’s more special because Min communications develop “Scientist” base on user’s opinion in the “Global contest exhibit about new class” that conducted in 2009. Different from other class, Scientist uses modern gun to attack and it has special and powerful skill to use in PvP battle.

Together with the updates, Min communications also prepares various events. First of all, “Season ranking” event will be held from 22nd December until 31st January. Plentiful reward will be provided to the highest level character that created on the event period. Moreover, from 22nd December until 12 January, Christmas gift will be provided to the entire user who login to the game. Not to mention that the user who recharge specific amount of R-Coin will receive PET Skin pack on the same event period. (R-Coin: point that used to buy a virtual item in ran world)

To find out the detailed information about the newest update and event, please visit Ran world website in