Article published on Monday, December 5th, 2011
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NCSoft has recently made the transition to free to play for one of their hottest MMORPGs in history! The latest and largest update to Lineage II, Goddess of Destruction, adopts the free-to-play business model allowing any gamer to level up to 99 without spending a penny. NCSoft is calling it "Truly Free" because there are no account restrictions to the game unlike other subscription titles that have adapted to F2P. Not only that but there is also a reward system called "Path to Awakening" which will give you booster items at key milestones to help you progess to higher levels faster than ever. There are also 3 exploration packages: The Discovery Pack, The Adventure Pack and The Destiny Pack that you can purchase from their web store to help you progress through the game even more faster. Encounter an immersive and spectacular fantasy world noted for its distinctive politics and economic systems.

Embark on frequent castle sieges, thrilling monster confrontations, and larger-than-life clan vs. clan combat. Lineage II player progression is now greatly honored through levels 1-76 as an element of Path to Awakening, a unique leveling guide tailored for Lineage II. In addition to bonus support items such as buffs as well as time limited gear allowing accelerated progression throughout the game, Path to Awakening will give gamers interactive maps outlining suggested leveling areas too. Players seeking to pace their leveling experience can go into the newly titled item shop, the L2 Galleria, and buy 3 levels of Exploration Packs.