Article published on Saturday, December 3rd, 2011
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Aeria Games has introduced its upcoming free to play Sci-Fi first person shooter (FPS) Repulse developed by Queen’s Soft. Repulse unfolds an impressive sci-fi influenced story where mankind must escape to a brand new world to carry on their existence. Gamers can plunge into 16-player battles in 9 exciting game modes varying from Deathmatch to Capture the Flag, Invasion and others. A sizable variety of maps is accessible with a few specific to select game modes. Combat in numerous settings which range from an urban setting, boat docks, a factory and lots more!

Form teams for a battle to the end in this fast moving tactical shooter. Employ one of a kind wall jumping dynamics and exclusive abilities to eradicate your opponents through many modes of gameplay. Stay on the alert for additional news on the Closed Beta! Repulse sticks out from the FPS genre with superior quality graphics and unparalleled player motion and tactical abilities. Repulse features the ability to change classes freely between Sniper, Engineer and Assault class as well as a twitch based combat that allows you to perform high-tech wall jumps plus more. The game is being developed with Jupiter EX Engine, the latest video game technology engineered for Havok physics.