Article published on Sunday, November 27th, 2011
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Pets have always played an important role in fantasy worlds. The huge flying birds in Avatar, the different kinds of interesting pets in Harry Potter, these are all magical creatures. When it comes to the fantasy world, animals are usually full of incredible magic. They can talk to human beings, they’re docile to their owner, but they’ll turn into powerful allies when threatened.

How can you survive a mythical and dangerous world without company? In fantasy MMORPGs, pets are the most loyal friends, whether you’re just having fun or on a serious adventure.

Among the MMORPGs with all kinds of pet systems I’ve tried, Eudemons Online is definitely a good one. There are over one hundred pets, and the number keeps increasing! All the pets are distinctive, and they’re born with different special abilities. They determine your Battle Power, so you have to select and train them wisely, so they can become as strong as possible.

According to the official news, there is going to be another new expansion focusing on legions, to be released in December. The upcoming pets and mounts will be awesome, with the Legion Eudemons designed from the five Chinese elements, and the mounts are set for multiple riders. It will be so much fun to have 2-4 people riding on the same mount, charging into battle!

When it comes to pets you cannot control by yourself, you’ll find it more challenging and interesting. Legion pets are stronger and much more ferocious. They’ll add extra power to the Legion War, making your whole team stick together and fight for the glory of the legion!

If you’re tired of taking your own pet out, Legion Pets are another good option. In a legion where everyone is needed, you’ll see if you can cooperate with your fellow members and make the legion and the pets to the best they can be!