Article published on Thursday, November 24th, 2011
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Gambling. Violence. Sex. OH LALA Online PTE. LTD, a subsidiary of Winner Online Co. Ltd. will be officially launching their MMO for mature audiences only titled Kabod Online SEA for South East Asia sometime this year. Before the launch, Kabod Online SEA invites everyone to join and play in the exclusive VIP test which will be available for all on November 24th through the 27th. There will be a limit of 200 players only during the test! This game has open PvP, lots of violence and contains some nudity.

Players must register with OhlAlA to participate in this VIP test.

How to register Ohlala ID
1. Go to

2. For newcomer please choose “NO”

3. Choose I accept to register Ohlala ID

4. Fill in the registration form and click save

5. For player that has Ohlala VIP, click YES, choose KABOD Online and Accept

6. After register game ID, please download game client at

7. For hi-speed internet click at Download Client, for low-speed internet choose part to download