Article published on Friday, November 18th, 2011
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MAIET, a game development company from Korea, has showcased the official promotional video of the sequel of GunZ the Duel at GSTAR 2011. Entitled GunZ the Second Duel, the game has been in development since the second half of 2007 where the first 2 years were spent on building the technologies and testing. The biggest difference between GunZ and GunZ 2 is the full physics game engine which synchronizes all physics simulation on the network. The game will feature the same 3 classes from the previous game which includes female assassin, male fighter and female heavy characters.

In GunZ 2, there will be many costumes available to customize your character. The game will have a PvE mode with some improvements to its features. The technique kStyle from GunZ 1 will not be available in part 2. Instead, there will be many other new techniques and controls that won’t disappoint you. The official release of the game is unknown but the developers are trying their best to make it happen early next year in Korea. There is high hopes that the game will be published internationally but currently only Taiwan, Macao and Hong Kong is confirmed for release in 2012.