Article published on Saturday, November 12th, 2011
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After 7 long years of EverQuest II, executive producer Dave "SmokeJumper" Georgeson released a letter that announced the game will be going free to play this December! After listening to the players about how complex the subscription structure was, how the separate forums for EQII and EQ2X divided the community, how the live servers were under-populated and how the players needed flexibility in payment options, EverQuest II which has been a subscription based MMORPG for 7 years will soon be free to play! By changing to free to play, the game will be able to have more populated servers, payment flexibility and better service.

The differences between the new EverQuest II membership model and the prior EverQuest II Extended membership model is that gold members in EQII will have access to all races and classes except Freeblood race and Beastlord class. The bronze membership level will also now be called "Free". Silver membership is now 500 Station Cash instead of 1,000. If you have bought the silver membership already in EQII within 60 days before the free to play launch, 500 Station Cash will be refunded to your Station Wallet. Furthermore, platinum membership will no longer exist and those who currently have a platinum membership will continue until they expire.