Article published on Monday, October 24th, 2011
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ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. – Online PC game publisher YNK Interactive announced the launch of a new feature, Monster Survival Mode, in their anime MMORPG Seal Online: Eternal Destiny.

“Monsters, prizes, and adventure await the brave citizens of Shiltz, in this new and challenging mode,” said Jeffrey Ee, Project Manager of YNK Interactive. “I’m positive our players are up for this intense challenge, just in time for Halloween!”

In the newly released feature, Monster Survival Mode, Seal Online players journey through a series of incursions through the new lair of Anastasis, located in the deep ruins of Sikara Valley. Players in their party face newly added monsters in twenty rounds of intense battles, where they can receive capsules and coins which contain the rarest items in the game.

Buffs are given to each successful party after defeating each round by slot play, and are confronted by epic bosses every 5th round thereafter. Once a battle is conquered, the team is given bonuses, special points, and unique coins, which can be redeemed for rare items that can only be attained from this mode. If all rounds are complete, players will be inducted into the realtime Monster Survival ranking boards in the games’ interface.

Monster Survival Mode features teamwork and great rewards for being victorious. It is a great addition to the popular anime MMORPG’s line up of upcoming contents and events this year.

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