Article published on Thursday, October 20th, 2011
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Beginning right now, players of Scarlet Legacy could go trick or treating with “Cool Granny” who’s going to be passing out treats to all of us! Cool Grannies have the greatest treats, and this season Granny is handing out a number of collectable candy in a myriad of colours which includes green, red, yellow, orange plus purple. To collect their assortment of colourful treats, gamers need to be hunting for either the regular or perhaps the “Stolen Candy Bag” and ingenious gamers will quickly realize the trick to Happy Halloween which grants great prizes!

At the same time several different thrilling seasonal-themed items are available too such as Pumpkin Heads in addition to a Pumpkin mount! A brand new Lucky Aura plus EXP Aura will be offered for a short time only!

To play Scarlet Legacy go to:

Happy Halloween!