Article published on Friday, October 21st, 2011
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Sunnyvale, Calif. – Months of training and practice led up to this: the final match of the $100,000 Flyff World Championship. The top two teams defeated challengers from across the world – from Brazil and Germany to Taiwan and Indonesia – but in the end both challengers came from the US version of Flyff. The highly organized Invictus guild went up against the fun-loving anarchists of SOD on Saturday, October 15, and emerged triumphant after winning 5 of 6 hotly contested PvP matches.

Invictus will receive $50,000 and a trip to Korea to meet Gala-Lab, the developers of Flyff, and attend GStar 2011, the biggest games convention in Korea. SOD receives $20,000 as the runner-up, and both teams will get unique in-game armor for their participation in the Flyff World Championship.

“The finals were everything our community could have hoped for,” said Flyff’s Community Manager, RabidFish, who refereed the final match. “From the get-go both US teams felt that they knew the game best and they proved it. Our community got to bring the finals home and see 1st and 2nd place awarded to the friends and players they’ve known throughout Flyff’s storied history, which now has another amazing chapter thanks to the Flyff World Championship.”

While their top guilds settle down to enjoy the prizes, Flyff players can look forward to an early debut of the game’s next big expansion. The new content fulfills the community’s request for a revised loot drop system that increases the rate at which players can acquire great items. It also brings more new quests, dungeons, and zones so that players of all levels can enjoy a rich, content-driven experience. A client for the open beta will go live on October 28!

Excitement over the Flyff World Championship is still running high in Flyff US! Win a new item every day until October 31 just by logging in, or get a prize for each and every level you gain until December 6. With 150 levels in Flyff, that’s a lot of items!

Check out the game and start flying today at the official Flyff website!